Spring Yoga Shenanigans

IMG_2291 Nothing like a weekend yoga retreat to help me get my perspective back. I had a fab weekend with some of my bestiest friends in the whole yoga universe, rebalanced my chakras and laughed until my abs hurt and breathing was semi impossible. IMG_2347 IMG_2282 Which was really needed after a week in which I found out that I’m have intolerances to dairy, eggs, almonds, coconut, yeast, and soy. Yeah. Not my fave week. But I see it as a challenge, and will be embracing the idea of altering my diet so that I can feel the very best I can (which definitely has NOT been happening the last two months). There’s a chance I can reintroduce some of the foods after a time, but for now I’m eliminating them from my diet for at least six months. SO! Prepare yourselves for some crazy alternative baking up in here. IMG_2286 IMG_2287 But back to yoga, because that is really what I would prefer to dwell on. So today I don’t have food for you (more on that later), but I do have a photo essay of beautiful things and happy people. Namaste! IMG_2313 IMG_2295 IMG_2315 IMG_2304 IMG_2323 IMG_2325 IMG_2331 IMG_2340 11128634_10153220377152645_6899114041950463741_n IMG_2293 IMG_2348 IMG_2289

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