Second Breakfast for the most wonderful of advisors!

at the departmental dinner!

Let me introduce my advisor, Ricardo! We started at WU the same year, which means I was in his very first class, and he was my advisor for my thesis, or my very last class. Full circle, hooray!

He’s awesome, in a totally European and Brazilian kind of way. We get along really well, mostly because we both eat  a lot, I’m sure… Oh right. And a shared love for art history… just a small minor detail. But really, second breakfast (and third, and fourth) is where we really understand each other.


Second breakfast, what a wonderful concept. Why have a snack or lunch when you could have second breakfast?! I’m currently enjoying mine now, though it’s sadly not as spectacular as cake. Cake for second breakfast is… subliminal. Which is why I decided to make Ricardo a cake, in thanks for his help on my thesis! And pretty much for being ridiculously awesome in general… Ricardo, if you’re reading this: Would you please be my advisor for the rest of my life?! I’ll supply  baked goods and second breakfast-material in exchange for a lifetime supply of witty anecdotes and insights!

Because life is better in technicolor!

Anyway, I wanted to thank him for working with me throughout the last four years in the art history department, and I know he loves cake (and all things sweet—no wonder we get along so well!), so cake happened! I’ve already blogged about this Banana Cake with Chocolate Glaze once before, but I wanted to post pictures as this one was a glazing triumph! What a way to celebrate the end of a thesis and a wonderful run completing my Bachelor’s of Arts in Art History. Thank you, Ricardo, for everything! (And no, you can’t get rid of me that easily… I’ll be hanging around to periodically spice up your life :)

He loved it :)
Pretty good, for piping with a ziploc baggie...


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