Camp is where the heart is


I’m back from my hiatus, and I have a photo essay for you. No recipes yet since I’ve barely been home… but you know it was a fabulous trip when you still have dirt on your face after your post camp shower!

Two Sentinels love, in photo form:











Camp is where the heart is!

The Merriment of Commencement Commenced!

Anchors Aweigh!

I apologize for the mega slacking! What with cleaning out my apartment kitchen (nothing that I ate could really be classified as cooking…more like scrounging and improvising), driving home, and… oh yes… GRADUATING (!!!), I’ve been a bit busy.

I’m commenced! Hoorayyy! And there weren’t even any incidents of spectacular comedic falling when I walked across the stage, which is a definite win. AND I wore fluorescent active wear under my robes, which turned out to be an inspired wardrobe choice (and really not surprising after all—it’s me! Let’s be real.), considering it was about a thousand degrees and I was wearing all black. Why is it that I always graduate in a million-degree weather?!

Anyway. This isn’t really a foodie post, but I wanted to post a little something just until I get back into the kitchen. Besides, I’m really very proud of my decorated mortarboard (AND that I graduated officially, of course!). That being said, here’s a little snapshot of what I’ve been up to of late.

Graduation dinner… ooops got caught with two desserts! (Like anyone is surprised, hehe)
With my fave professor, Roger! Thanks for all the thesis inspiration and advice :)
bahahah. Because we are. BAMFS! Roomiessss <3
awww, Willamette :)

Food is coming shortly, promise! I’m back home now, so more culinary adventures await :)