Bluebeard the PIErate

Okay okay several weeks late but I love this guy too much not to share – the yearly pie donation for the Lamplighters gala fundraiser!

Mom gets credit for naming him Bluebeard, hahaa. He thinks he’s so cute.

He also sold for $70 this year, which is a new high! Very exciting.

I’m including process photos for those who like this sort of thing – I make these in stages, typically. Bottom crust first so it can chill in the fridge overnight, then the top crust that also chills overnight. Pie gets assembled and baked first thing the morning of the gala, usually around 6am so it can bake and cool fully before I have to transport it at 1p.

Per usual, this is made with wild blueberries. Not only are they sold in 3 pound bags at whole foods (extremely convenient), they are also smaller than normal bloobs so the top crust design sits flat; important with this level of detail. Obviously some of it sinks into the bloob soup but I feel that just adds to its charm. I also had a very nice lyft driver this year who took the turns and downhills with care, which I very much appreciate. Pie transport is no joke.

Et voila!

Let’s see what else is new….

I have been making the apple cake I posted previously on repeat! It’s SO GOOD and SO EASY. I’ve adapted it for a refined sugar free version with coconut sugar – am working on one that is all maple since that’s my preferred. Stay tuned!

grainy, 7a photo taken post-swim

Still swimming, though the it’s DARK when I get in and barely light when I get out. Makes for some beautiful sunrise swims though, and the bay is oddly peaceful when it’s dark out. No, it’s not all that creepy either, for those who are wondering. I can’t see my hand in front of my face in the water when it’s light out anyway so what’s the dif? Also is noticeably colder in the last two weeks and I found a not-small hole in my favorite sleeveless wetsuit (DANG IT) so maybe the universe is telling me it’s time to switch back to longsleeves… hmmm…

sunrise turret!

I guess I’m accidentally timing this post right for halloween! He fits right in.

We made haunted houses at work for happy hour to practice model-making skills because, architects. This is what architect playtime looks like… not a contest but if it was, we’d be winning muahhaha:

Happy Halloweekend!! I hope there is pie.

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