Happy Pi Day!

Pi Day! As C pointed out, it’s like my tailor-made holiday, haha!

I find it super rewarding to make “intricate” pies like this – it’s fundamentally not that difficult (just like drawing, but with dough!) and so rewarding. There’s always an element of heebie jeebies after it goes in the oven, when I wonder if it will turn out properly once it’s baked… but then it comes out and it’s so satisfying to see the final product!

It really all started with the Death Star pie I made years ago… now I find that I never really want to make a standard pie crust if I’m going to go ahead and make pie. I find it a super relaxing way to spend a morning anyway, so it has added benefits! The city weather was really blustery and overcast this morning – perfect pie making weather (I’m writing this on Saturday but am scheduling this to post on Sunday…. because Pi day… you know how it goes)

Got out for a long walk midday in the WIND. Holy moly it’s windy. Passed on a swim this morning because I was having fun making pie but mostly because I was tired and after a monster swim yday, I didn’t feel like fighting the chop today.

Speaking of swimming – obviously I love all things nautical and aquatic, hence the pie theme. I have a particular affinity for mermaids (C thinks maybe I am one – would honestly explain a lot) so here you have it – aquatic pie, complete with tentacles!

It was on an off rainy this week and I had so much fun going for walks in the drizzle. A few shots from the week’s ramblings:

The recipe for today’s wild blueberry + whole wheat pie is the same pie crust and filling I’ve made a zillion times – most recently here (today’s version is just all blueberries – use about 4.5 c or as much as it takes to fill your pie dish). It’s refined sugar free, of course – as always :)

Happy Weekend! I hope there is/was pie in it.

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