I made a wedding cake!


You guys – I am so proud of this one. I’d never made a wedding cake before – and now it’s all I want to do! Informal poll: who among you thinks I should start a side biz for occasion baking? Yes, no, maybe?


Creating this for Vanessa & Jacob brought me so much joy – if any couple was to be my first for a wedding cake, they were perfect! I’ve known them as a couple for 12 years – and I am so glad they are in my life.


The wedding weekend was amazing! Beautiful scenery up in mountains and so much love and laughter – I was incredibly happy to be a part of it, especially since my fave human came along to be my handsome dance partner, emotional support, and cake honor guard for the endeavor (and he always has floss for me – what a guy!)



We had such a great time… you know it’s a solidly amazing wedding when you dance so much you break a shoe! (And yes – before you ask – I did indeed dance all night in those -they make surprisingly comfortable dancing shoes)




Some progress pictures, just for fun – I think this takes the cake (har har) for my biggest and most involved baking effort to date. But omg, how much fun I had!

Big ol’ vat o’ buttercream:








I used this recipe – no messing with a classic when it’s for a wedding! I did, however, make it whole wheat and reduce the sugar slightly ;) I mean, come on – it’s me!! I also didn’t use the frosting featured there – I did a simple vanilla buttercream instead, which paired perfectly with almond cake.


It seemed to be a hit… it all got eaten!!



I’m so happy! It’s Tuesday and I’m still so thrilled by how well this whole thing went… excuse me while I bask in the afterglow.


There is a fine mist of edible glaze spray on my phone that won’t come off and it makes me laugh – a great reminder of such a lovely weekend celebrating the love of two of my favorite people, with my favorite person.


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