Photographical Evidence of Life Lately

Of course my tree elves do yoga. This was a question?!
Of course my tree elves do yoga. This was a question?!

I have no new food for you at this point..

Because finals week.


And before that because midterms, round 3. So basically all that is in my fridge at the moment is 4 hardboiled eggs, 2.5 zucchini, some sourdough bread, and salted butter. Oh. And I had a can of wild salmon but I ate that last night… so yeah.



Good thing finals are done this week and then I get holiday time which means baking baking baking! And yoga yoga yoga! And all the good things that apparently come in threes.

And because I realized I hadn’t posted anything since Nov. 12 (Epic. Fail), I decided to send you a snapshot of my ridiculous the last several weeks, which has included a bit of baking, but usually just the old favorites that I can make with my eyes closed…. some jumping around with leaves, and doodles. Because intense studying = intense doodles.



gigantic Straus soft serve mountain at Zero Zero SF. Omg yum.

I will say that these molasses ginger cookie were pretty spectacular. I will post the recipe if I ever have more than five seconds to throw a post together..





You don’t mind cat hairs in your cookies, do you? Of course not.


SO! Happy Holidays and Happy End of Finals (almost) to me and my cohort. Almost…. there!!! Just a few more days.


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