Not dead. Just up to the eyeballs in Biostats…


Ai yi yi.

I promise I’m not dead.


I’m just buried up the eyeballs in medical biostatistics and health informatics and public health and… yeah. I finally got a chance to cut my fingernails last night and you have NO IDEA how good that felt. I seriously have zero free time, thank you summer session, and the infinite wisdom that decided cramming a 10 week quarter into slightly less than 6 weeks was a good idea. I think.. not?!


Oreo is helping by sitting on my biostats homework. My thoughts exactly.

That being said, it’s been enough just to get myself fed, much less make anything interesting. Add to that the small detail of living in several different places at once while I pack, live, go to school, and drive around and we are left with highly portable food that doesn’t require refrigeration. ie…. bananas. Nature’s perfect snack.

Also, let’s just confuse things even further… I flew to Oregon last-last friday (which happened to also be the last day of my first week of school) for a wedding!! Yay!! But also, that meant that about 1/8 of my clothes were with me, 1/4 were where I’m living (hi Cathy! Thanks for letting me crash at your pad for a month :) and 1/2 of my stuff is still at home. And there is maybe 1/32 of it maybe residing at E’s. So yeah. Stuff. EVERYWHERE.


Pictures of some hilarious Salemness — the owls were attacking people during nesting season in Bush Park, so the city put up some genius signs… and THEN Gilgamesh released a brilliant beer.


BUT WAIT! I kind of adulted. I bought an insulated lunchbox today with cute little specially-formated-for-lunchboxes icepacks… because I got mega tired of never taking lunch that needed refrigeration…. AND I had about half a second to myself yesterday, so I made rice pudding. Because upset stomach + stress + no free time = vegan rice pudding sweetened with date paste. I feel much more like a human now that I’ve resurfaced from my books. And it’s FRIDAY. YAY!


That all being said, I have obviously had very little blog time, and probably won’t for the next month-ish. Sad. But at least eventually I will have more free time… maybe. In which case I will attempt to get back into making interesting food. In the meantime, I will post when I can, so that you don’t have to go too long without my sassy commentary, because I KNOW you just miss me in your inbox when I’m absent. I know it.

But to tide you over… the pictures in here are my life from the last two weeks. Ish. Because those last two weeks have felt like four weeks, and it’s ridiculous. But at least I managed to take a few snaps, right?! Right.




PS. It took me three days to finish this blog post. See what I mean?! Because up there I say it’s Friday… but it’s actually Monday. That might be the most tragic thing ever. Ugh. Monday.

But at least this post started and ended with ridiculously sprinkled ice cream sandwiches. That has to count for something in terms of making Monday better, right?!


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