Because of course when I travel I take pictures of food….


I have returned from several things, the most recent was a fab wedding in Boise in which I was a bridesmaid and my best friend Ashley married this awesome guy named Jimmy! It was beautiful, I ate way too many delicious things, and now I’m back. Congratulations Ashley and Jimmy! I am SO thrilled  I could be part of your beautiful wedding.





IMG_0494A wedding isn’t a wedding without cake…


Obviously low [fruit] sugar-peanut butter-banana-oat-coconut breakfast cookies were needed on the flight…



Because then I ate this!!! Sorry I’m not sorry. Ashley and I always got Coldstone when we were in college… so clearly it was time for a throwback day, 3.5 years later. Sugar coma? … YES.


Other random things. This is going to be one of those weird posts where I share all kinds of strange photos I’ve found on my phone. They need a home somewhere, right??

My bloglet turns three years old this month!!! Happy Birthday, bloglet!! Thank you for keeping my diet interesting and my photography skills sharpish. I will make you a three-year-old-bloglet dessert at some point but I just ate a bunch of wedding cake sooo… not just now.

I’ve been playing with my new dehydrator! Freshly dried apricots with no gunk in them?! Sign me up.


Also… I made some grain-free, refined sugar free paleo chocolate brownie cookies and they’re delicious… watch this space for further developments and I might share.

And nothing beats a good book and a delicious breakfast. This is what vacation is supposed to be like! And clearly oatmeal = an excuse to eat nut butter. Obvi.


2 Replies to “Because of course when I travel I take pictures of food….”

  1. Hey Babe!! You are looking fit and healthy!!! Glad to read that you had a great time in Blasé’ (that’s what we called Boise when we lived in Sun Valley). HA! Same shit different day here in China. Raining very hard as I write this – and very warm at the same time. It’s been in the 80’s and 90’s with very high humidity this trip. Will have to get caught up face to face one of these times when I’m coming through SFO. Stay safe and keep having fun. Love ya!!! Carl

    1. Heyyy!! Thanks! Ew yuuuuuck rain + heat + humidity is gross. Yes defs let’s get caught up next time you’re through SFO! Just don’t fly through when I’m working, haha! Love you!

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