Baking is my om



This is what I did with my weekend.


A nearest and dearest has a birthday today!! So of course I baked, decorated, surprised, and delighted. It’s what I do. My way to express love and gratitude, the feelings that bubble up inside when I know I’ve surprised someone… and the joy of sharing something delicious. That’s me. That’s who I am.


Even though I tend towards “healthier” baking, I still love the simplicity of a more traditional approach. This cake is that. Simple. Flavorful. Soul-satisfying. Nothing soothes me more than this cake. And the aroma of it is heavenly—I dare you to find something that smells as good.


That being said, of course I put my own spin on it anyway. Whole wheat pastry flour instead of white, coconut sugar instead of refined cane sugar, and dark chocolate ganache. And an om, obviously. Symbolic both for the birthday recipient, and for me.


Yes, I do (copious amounts of daily) yoga, meditate, study yogic philosophy. That is my om.

But my om is also baking, decorating, and the giddy feeling that arises from a successful surprise of a gastronomical treat. No matter how simple, this will always be my favorite gesture.


Love the world. Share some cake!

*This recipe is the same one found here, and here, for my favorite banana cake with chocolate ganache glaze. Simple, delicious, and a perennial favorite.


7 Replies to “Baking is my om”

  1. Dark chocolate ganache?! YUMM!!! This looks amazing!!! I’m totally with you in loving the feeling of successfully baking something. I remember there’s some line in the movie Julie & Julia about how in an unpredictable life cooking/baking is wonderful because it’s mostly predictable. If you follow the recipe and do what you’re supposed to, it probably will turn out wonderfully. I love the routine of baking. When I’m stressed, it’s my go-to thing to calm myself down!

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