Photo Dump Monday.

Photo dump!

Bits and bobs of things I’ve eaten in the last…. week and a half. Ish.


I know. It has green flecks in it. Sorry for my unrelenting obsession with putting green things where they supposedly don’t belong (I say supposedly because spinach in oatmeal might be the greatest idea ever: you can’t taste it! Not that I mind the taste of spinach, but I don’t always want it at six am…). This also has carrots (they’re sweet!) and pomegranate seeds and coconut and almond butter, a date, cinnamon, nutmeg, some heritage flake cereal and almond milk. That’s right. I don’t do breakfast by halves!


I also ate oatmeal with cucumbers in it. It was delicious, try not to be *too* jealous.


Secondly, I had eggs. But they were REAL ugly so no photos of that one. Delicious, but ugly.

mmm pom wonderful!

Thirdly, this happened. And this. Sorry I’m not sorry, I went to the city two days in a row! Oops.


Bourbon Cornflake ice cream + Fluffernutter ice cream + bourbon caramel + a teeny bit of salted chocolate. I hardly ever eat ice cream anymore so this was a mega treat. SO worthwhile, thank you Humphrey Slocombe.

And then I did some yoga…


It’s all about balance, you know…

AND THEN! I made dinner last night. Rice wine and coconut amino marinated chicken, roasted potatoes (recipe coming), steamed green beans and broccolini, and quinoa kheer (recipe also coming!). Mmmm.



Sometimes I get creative with the grocery list:


Oh. And I mentioned I went to the city twice? Yeah. Carla and I got a little over enthusiastic in the Ferry Building. I probably ate the equivalent of a small chocolate bar in samples. Whatever, they’re a) free and b) walking while eating means that what you’re eating has negative calories… riiiight?! Right. Just like when you break something in half the calories fall out! Ha. This is science at work, obviously.


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