Galette and Vacation


It’s been a minute… I was in Connecticut for two weeks for an actual VACATION, which was amazing: full of swimming, sand and shellfish. I actually didn’t do a whole ton of baking while I was gone – just a few batches of cookies. I actually really enjoyed having time off to do literally nothing other than be active and read my books.

We did all kinds of fun things like a lobster bake (I’d never eaten a whole lobster, so that was a fun adventure); swam in the sound every day and made friends with jellyfish (HA. NOT. Why do they always seem to find me?!) and ate the once-yearly obligatory lobster roll.

Photos are better anyway so I’ll just leave it at that!

In other news, now that I’m back… I made galette! Since stone fruit season is in full swing, I want to take advantage of it. This is an endless riff on the usual galettes that I make, only this one has a mostly-dark rye crust , which is a little different than usual.

I have endless recipe variations posted here so I’m not going to add another today – today’s galette is essentially a variation on this one – the only thing I changed was to use 3/4c dark rye, 1/4c whole wheat, and 1/2c cornmeal in the crust.

If you want one that is grain and gluten free, I suggest this crust; if you want to do peaches, that’s an easy sub of course.

Happy Fogust! Keeping this short today since I want to go run around outside before all the fog goes away (I know, I’m weird that way.) Have a great weekend!

Love to ya’ll from Texas!


Time for the semi-annual-ish vacay iPhone photo dump!


Oh Texas. I love you, in your ways that are so different than California. Also family! And BBQ. Particularly Goode Company in Houston. Cowboy boots, sombreros, Marble Slab Creamery with its unlimited mix-ins; tex-mex and fresh guac, the tiny town of Matagorda; the gulf, whose waters are startlingly warm to the feet of this northern California girl; giant mosquitos and their evil blood sucking shenanigans; sweet tea and conviviality; bayous and spanish moss; heat lightning and cicadas; the zoo in 90 degree weather with 100% humidity; helicopter rides over the gulf and some wild piggies that take off from a neighbor’s front lawn just because someone knows someone else and everyone is wonderful and friendly and nice; and giant, GIANT swaths of flat, open landscape: everything is bigger in Texas!
















Until next time, my adopted state! I’m so glad I have family there so I have an excuse to go traipsing around and visiting.

Love to ya’ll from Texas!

I’m back to annoy you via your inbox! Aren’t you lucky.


I have returned!

2013-11-06 19.35.13

I know…

You were sooo anxious.

Don’t worry, my vacation was excellent and this about sums it up, courtesy of my favorite eating establishment in Portland, the Screen Door:

2013-11-06 19.24.06

Time for the semi-annual vacation photo dump! These are all off my phone so please excuse the quality (or lack thereof)…

Good friends, good food. What more could you want?

I ate at Ruby Scoops, of COURSE. Had to. Besides the (former) roomie had never been there!! What?! Thankfully that’s remedied.

2013-11-03 18.33.03

2013-11-03 18.34.57

2013-11-03 18.35.47

Willamette, why are you always so beautiful?!

2013-11-05 11.48.09

2013-11-05 11.48.45

I stayed at the McCall House in Ashland on the way home—an adorable b&b that’s on the national register of historical places! There was a chaise lounge in our room so obviously I was in heaven. I spent most of my time ensconced on it pretending to be various Reubens or Degas portraits, ha. A chaise lounge is definitely on my list of furniture to acquire in the not so distant future. Who needs a couch?!

2013-11-09 07.52.47

2013-11-09 07.52.20

2013-11-08 19.31.13

Breakfast came on a tray!!

2013-11-09 08.20.58

2013-11-09 09.03.12

Hello, beautiful. Thank you for making my drive home that much more gorgeous.

2013-11-09 10.58.38