A Bulk-Off of Epic Proportions


Okay peeps, here’s what’s up.

I challenged myself to a bulk-off.

And no, this has nothing to do with my copious amount of musculature (ha).

Actually, it means that I have to use ALL the grains/beans/legumes in my pantry that I’ve acquired though major stalking of the bulk section before I buy any more. Simple. They’ve just gotten a wee bit out of hand lately, which means I have to step up my grain-legume game.

And this happens to be exactly what I’m doing.

Bulk bins:0, Hayley: 1 (or maybe two. I’ve gotten through three bags o’stuff in 2 days, I think that counts for two points).

Bag one: leftover hazelnuts —> dark chocolate hazelnut butter. I mean, OBVI. Why on earth would I make anything else?! Except this time I used 80% dark chocolate so it’s naaaaiiiiccceeee and dark. Mysterious. Bitter, some weirdos out there might say… But I say whatever. To each his or her own bitter. {to be found here if the photos made you drool}.



Bag two: farro —> um… cooked farro!! It’s delicious, nutty and almost sweet, and goes really well with anything else lurking in your fridge. My lunch today was chicken+farro+peas+avo. Excellent. Besides that, it cooks quickly: combine 1 part grain to two parts water, bring to a boil, and then simmer for 15-20 minutes. It should still be ‘toothsome’ when cooked… you know, like good-chewy. And don’t forget to rinse your grains before cooking them! Farro is always a little dusty.



Bag three: LENTILS! Natch. —> mo’lentils. Except this time they got tossed in with sautéed onions, mushrooms, peppers, and greens+basil and oregano. Mmm. Din din. Over farro for leftovers!




Also, I discovered a really fab new lunch! And it’s stupid easy (exactly how lunch should be. I’m generally starving. Why on earth should it be complicated?!)

IMG_6354Basil Chicken and Veggies on Toast

  1. Acquire some diced chicken {cooked, pretty please}
  2. chop up some mushrooms and mixt greens
  3. heat good quality olive oil in a skillet over medium with a cube of frozen basil or some fresh stuff if it’s in season
  4. toss in veggies once the whole shebang is hot, and sauté until they’re nice and soft
  5. Mix in chicken so it gets all basily
  6. toast a whole wheat english muffin, and grate some parmesan over the top once it’s toasty. Alternatively, mash an avocado over the muffin—also incredibly delicious (if not better)
  7. pile up an obscenely tall pile of chicken-veggie over the muffin halves, and pretend you can actually eat it with your hands. Laugh nicely at yourself when you try… and then procure a fork and eat like a civilized human. Or something.



I also utilized some bulk buckwheat groats in my bulk challenge —> they are currently residing in the crust of some no-bake, gluten free, vegan, refined sugar free lemon-coconut bars. Hooray!! Those are chilling, and as such there are no pictures… yet. If they’re good, I’ll share!

Happy Random Thursday. Why is it so hot here?! This is like summer weather and it isn’t summer yet and I’m not prepared and therefore am whiny. Whine whine whine. I think it’s snack time, that might curtail the whining.

Hellooooo, lemon bars, are you ready yet?!


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